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Grain Silo


Collen Brothers undertook its first project for the flour milling industry during the Second World War, building a new grain silo for the Dock Milling company in Barrow St. between 1941 and 1942. The project involved the construction of a reinforced concrete silo, containing twelve storage bins with a capacity to hold about 70 tons of grain each.

The job presented some technical difficulty, as a very smooth surface finish was required to the concrete in the silos. Harky’s younger son, Lyal, who had recently graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in civil engineering, took the opportunity to experiment with his own system for achieving a high quality finish. He evolved a new method of vibrating the concrete, which later became a well-known technique and was highly innovative in the early 1940s.

Key Facts / Information:

Client Dock Milling Company
Location Barrow Street, Dublin
Date  1941