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The foundation of the Irish Free State in 1922 gave Collen Brothers an unexpected opportunity to re-establish their association with the Royal Dublin Society. The Provisional Government took over Leinster House in 1922, forcing the society to abandon its headquarters in the city centre and relocate fully to Ballsbridge. Lucius O’Callaghan, of O’Callaghan and Webb architects, designed the new buildings at Ballsbridge, while Collen Brothers acted as the general building contractors.

The most extensive phase of the rebuilding programme began in 1926, when Collen was given responsibility for providing a new frontage to the RDS. This involved the demolition of the original red brick frontage of the hall constructed in 1880. Instead Collen constructed new granite faced buildings of a neo-Georgian style flanking the main entrance, which was faced up to bring it into harmony with the surrounding structures. The project entailed the reconstruction of the central features of the frontage; the redeveloped frontage of 562 feet was even longer than before. The frontage and adjoining buildings were completed by the summer of 1928; the achievement of the architect and builders was widely acclaimed both by national newspapers and specialised trade journals.

Key Facts / Information:

Client Royal Dublin Society
Architect O'Callaghan and Webb
Location Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Date  1928