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Ipsen is a biotechnological group aiming to become a leader in specialty healthcare solutions for debilitating diseases. Its strategy is supported by three franchises, neurology, endocrinology and urology-oncology. Ipsen has a growing portfolio in prostate cancer, bladder cancer or neuro-endocrine tumours and a presence in primary care. The group has more than 4,500 employees spread across R&D and manufacturing sites located in China, France, Ireland, the UK and the US. The Irish Plant was established in Dublin in 1989.

This project involved the construction of a new two storey standalone brownfield building within the existing IMIL facility and an additional single storey building on the west side of the complex. Building 4 (B4) was constructed in close proximity to the existing Building (B3) and the site tank farm. External works involved a new perimeter access road around the new building and new drainage for surface water, foul, industrial effluent and fire water. Mechanical and electrical works  involved a new MV switch room to be installed between B1 and B2 west of link corridor, underground electrical ducts and underground electrical cables and a new pipe rack from building B4 to existing building B1 and tank farm. The project also included 2 new collection tanks for industrial effluent and flammable waste and a prefabricated structure housing an electrical transformer and switchgear.    

Building 4 is divided in to three distinct areas:   

  • Area 1 - Lyo Suite and ancillary areas at ground floor level. 
  • Area 2 - Plantroom at first floor level.             

The main plant and utility equipment serving the Lyophilisation (LYO) Suite is located in the plantroom and includes: 

  • Area 3 -  Future Production Space at ground floor level.

New collection tanks for Process Waste Streams were installed in waste tank pit outside B4


Key Facts / Information:

Client Ipsen Manufacturing
Architect DPS Engineering 
Consulting Engineers  DPS Engineering
Cost Consultants   DPS Engineering
Location Blanchardstown