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Alumina Contractors Ltd., an international consortium led by Canadian company, Alcan, moved to develop a new alumina plant at Aughinish Island. The new development required a deep‐water marine terminal on the island to import raw materials and export alumina.

The first requirement at Aughinish was to establish the foundations for the new jetty; vertical tubular steel piles of two meters in diameter were driven into the river bed to support the jetty head. The jetty head was formed off a pre‐cast concrete deck, 285 meters long and about 40 meters wide. In effect a pre‐cast concrete factory was created on the site, an area of particular expertise for Collen.

This project featured extensive piling requirements. A piling yard was established on site to cater for this demand. The pile yard consisted of three welding beds for fabrication of Frodingham no. 8 box piles. 50no.37metre long and 276no. 2 meter sections were fabricated on site.

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