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At the most Eastern end of the port (Area marked a (4) on the below map) Collen undertook the construction of a new Quay wall and Ro‐Ro Ferry terminal. The quay walls were constructed using reinforced concrete caissons that were placed in line to form the base of the quay wall. The dry dock was used as the area where Collen shutter and formed the caissons. From here they were floated into position downstream.

The project involved removing a section of the key wall and dredging out for the base of the hinge foundation for the Ro‐Ro. This was executed by placing markers on the drop line of the dredger and measuring the tide. Once the base was ready, oil and debris booms were deployed to keep the construction area clean.

Re‐bar was pre‐fabricated in large sections on the quay wall and lowered it into place. Monitoring of tidal activity was crucial to ensure work on lower levels was completed before the tide started to affect progress.Teams of steel fixers, in parallel with carpenter’s, worked within tight operational periods to complete the steel, shutter the base and position the hinge bolt assembles.

The concrete pour was completed below water level by placing the concrete in the specified areas with the aid of underwater divers.

On high tide the Ro‐Ro dock was floated up the port from the dry dock. It was given a final lift on the hinge end, lowered into place and fixed in position.

The final crash barriers etc. were then fitted and the Ro‐Ro was then ready for use.

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