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Collen - 'Standing Down for Safety'

June 18, 2018

Collen Construction, in partnership with Kirby & AMGEN, conducted a Construction Safety Stand-Down on our AMGEN site for the entire day on Friday June 15th. The focus of the stand-down was on ‘Leadership and Behavioural Safety’. We engaged the services of Annette Tierney’s Theatre at Work, Annette has used innovative theatre-based learning methods since 2000 to provide high impact solutions in areas such as leadership, behavioural safety, culture change and commercial skills.  

The workshop ‘’Only Human’’ illustrated a safety case-study based on a real event, where two operatives arrive on site on a Friday morning to start work and they discover that the RAMS for the task do not reflect the reality of the site. They are presented with a choice of stopping work and discussing with their supervisor on Monday or going ahead with the task. What could go wrong?? Through facilitated discussion topical safety themes are explored including responsibility, rule-breaking, intervention and the human factors that influence a culture of safety.  

Along with the Behavioural Based Safety Workshops, the Collen and Kirby Safety Teams also conducted a series of training workshops through-out the day, focusing on key topics that were relevant to works being undertaken on site.  

Over 200 people including Directors from our sub-contractor supply-chain were in attendance. The feedback received to-date have been very positive.  A big thank you to all involved for their support in ensuring the day was a success and for their ongoing commitment to raising the safety bar.