Collen operates a robust Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Collen's commitment to delivering quality in all it does has resulted in longstanding relationships with numerous Clients and Consultants built up over the years, ensuring the company has remained at the forefront of Irish Construction for two centuries before expanding into Europe.

Collen is renowned for building long-lasting partnerships with Clients, Consultants and Supply Chain members and at the heart of these is a common vision: to deliver projects efficiently, effectively and to the highest quality standards. Collen's client list is testament to the excellent service the company provides on every project.

Innovation is key to ensuring that the company continues to deliver building excellence for another two centuries. As such, Collen has made the commitment to embrace a Lean way of thinking to create greater value for its clients while using fewer resources. Collen has adopted lean principles to substantially reduce waste through all processes and increase operational efficiency.

The Lean concept has been incorporated seamlessly within the company which encourages planning, change, and innovation in an ever-changing industry. Collen’s greatest strength is one that has been forged over decades,

"At Collen, we believe that collaboration is a fundamental tool for problem solving and the partnership approach that we adopt with all project stakeholders supports a working environment of trust and transparency to get to the right solutions fast.”

with this already well embedded in the company, the Lean culture is flourishing.

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Talk to Rebecca Reilly, our Quality and Environmental Manager.