Collen Wins Engineering Project of the Year at Irish Construction Industry Awards



Collen Construction attended the Irish Construction Industry Awards at Dublin's Mansion House last night, Thursday, November 2nd, and won the Engineering Project of the Year award.

The Irish Construction Industry Awards, which started in 2014, aim to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in the built environment demonstrated by contractors, businesses, teams, consultants, and projects. Collen's winning project was the HBS Baggage Handling Upgrade Project for our client, DAA.

This project required teamwork, expertise, and dedication. Congratulations to the Collen team, the design partners, and the DAA for their contributions to the delivery of this complex infrastructure. 

Collen played the role of facilitation integrator, taking charge of the smooth operation of the Baggage Handling System and ensuring efficient system integration. Responsibilities included designing, planning, and delivering new buildings, redirecting services, and adjusting existing structural elements to facilitate the planned Baggage Handling and System integration, which was executed seamlessly. 

Collen is honoured to have won Engineering Project of the Year and taken home such a prestigious award.  This is a huge accomplishment for the Collen team, the design partners, and our client, the DAA.

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