International Women in Engineering Day 2024



The International Women in Engineering Day ackowledges the efforts and accomplishments of women in engineering. Its goal is to motivate the upcoming generation of female engineers ad advocate for genfer equality within the engineering field.

Explore below some of the inspiring journeys of our women engineers, their dedication, passion and innovation are driving forces at Collen Construction.

Emmanouela Chafnavi - Collen Ireland

‘’My name is Emma, and I have a background in Architectural Engineering. I have been working in construction for the past eight years, starting my career in Greece, then moving to the United Arab Emirates, and currently residing in Ireland.

Since childhood, I've had an interest in using science to build things and make them work, which eventually led me to choose architectural engineering as my profession. I am driven by an interest in understanding how things work and the desire to contribute to society by improving people's lives and raising living standards. The urge to solve problems and design meaningful projects that make the world a better place motivates me every day.

Construction and engineering are diverse and broad fields that never gets boring. Innovative solutions and creative problem-solving keep me energised and excited for new challenges.’’

Madushani Pulukkutti Arachchige

‘’Since childhood, I dreamt of becoming an engineer, fueled by my love for mathematics. This passion led me to excel in my advanced level examinations in the mathematics stream and secure a top spot in the Geomatics faculty at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. Today, as a Site Engineer at Collen AB, I bring to each project a persistent dedication to problem-solving and innovation. For me engineering is not just a career but a lifelong passion that allows me to apply my skills and knowledge in meaningful ways."

Larisa Prelicz

‘’I started my journey with Collen as work placement two years ago and haven't looked back since. Growing up, I always wanted to become an engineer because I loved physics and chemistry in school. Engineering seemed like the perfect match for me, as I enjoy problem-solving and discovering how things work.

What I love most about being a site engineer is the variety it brings. I'm not stuck in an office all day—I get to spend most of my time outdoors, directly engaging with the projects I'm working on. This hands-on experience not only keeps my work exciting but also allows me to see the tangible results of my efforts.’’

Keziah George

"I’m a planning engineer with a background in MEP systems, primarily in the rail sector. I chose to start my career in engineering due to the favourable job prospects and my interest in understanding how things work and are constructed. Engineering has allowed me to work in five different countries, be involved in landmark projects with world acclaim, and achieve great job satisfaction.

My journey in engineering has been incredibly rewarding, offering diverse experiences and opportunities to contribute to significant projects. I am proud to be part of a field that continuously challenges and inspires me!"

Ieva Vitola

“My path as a QA manager began in Denmark when I worked for a civil contractor. As an Architectural Technology and Construction Management student, I never thought I would end up working on building sites—I was initially captivated by BIM. However, working on-site has proven to be dynamic and exciting. I love working with and around people; it motivates me and brings me joy.

Working as a QA/QC engineer is incredibly rewarding, seeing a project come together knowing that my efforts have contributed to its success."

Women in Engineering: Breaking Barriers and Leading Innovation

Women in engineering are breaking barriers and driving innovation in a traditionally male-dominated field. Despite facing challenges, they are making significant strides and contributing to groundbreaking projects worldwide. According to the Society of Women Engineers, women make up 13% of engineers in the workforce, a number that continues to grow as more women pursue careers in STEM fields.

Diversity and Inclusion at Collen Construction

At Collen Construction, we prioritise equality, diversity, and inclusion. We strive to cultivate a supportive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. Our commitment to these principles is supported by our Leadership, who is pushing our mission forward and inspiring the next generation of women in engineering.

These inspiring stories from our engineers are a testament to the diverse paths and profound impacts women have made in the industry. Their achievements inspire us and pave the way for future generations of women in engineering. Today, we celebrate their passion, perseverance, and remarkable contributions. Happy Women in Engineering Day 2024!

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