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Retailretail warehousing

Construction of a single level retail warehouse for Powercity.




Integrated Development Services

Civil & Structural Engineer


Services Engineer

Lucas Engineering Services

Quantity Surveyor






The project involved the construction of a single level retail warehouse for the sale of bulky good.tbc  

Works included a WEE enclosure and ancillary customer parking, service year, landscaping, boundary treatment and all associated site development works and site services. Structural steel and blockwork was incorporated, roof was made up of architectural panel system, external walls are combination of facing brick and clas with power-coated aluminium paneling and jura limestone stone cladding. Power-coated galvanized mild steel emergency doors were installed along with stud and board finishes. The project also provided for internal wall partitions for staff facilities that were 2900mm high with stud and board finishes. Floor Area: 2102m ²

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