Logistics Manager


Key Requirements:

  • Third level commercial or industry related qualification or equivalent industry experience

  • 5-10 years Tier 1 main contractor experience

  • Fully IT literate

    As a member of the project management team, you have the opportunity to influence safety culture onsite by demonstrating personal commitment, setting clear expectations, and effectively communicating safety policies. By consistently modelling safe behaviour, prioritizing safety above productivity, and ensuring that all workers receive proper training and resources, you can foster an environment where safety is ingrained in every aspect of the construction process. Encouraging open communication, recognizing and rewarding safe behaviour, and conducting regular inspections further reinforce the importance of safety. By taking these steps, you can help create a culture where safety is a shared value and a top priority for all stakeholders involved in the project.

Key Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Contracts Manager & Project Manager, your key responsibilities will include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • To Provide Safety Leadership while working closely with the Collen Health & Safety Team to promote a safe working environment

  • To Liaise directly with the Site Management Team and to co-ordinate with the Procurement Team to Plan

  • Implement and Control Supply Chain Operations and plan resources in order to achieve project milestones

  • Record Plant and other resources on site and review Hire Period requirements to keep plant costs to minimum

  • Develop Plans and continually monitor compound facilities, including offices, meeting rooms, welfare units etc

  • including external access routes for the site compounds

  • Develop Logistics Plans for Site Security Installations and assess Security Provisions in line with Site Management

  • Liaise with Local authorities / Utility providers to Arrange Temporary Site Utility Installations and assist with permanent installations where necessary

  • Plan, Provide and continually Review provision of Safe Access Roads with the Site Management Team as part of the Traffic Management Plan

  • Plan, Provide and continually Review provision of Safe Temporary Walkways with the Site Management Team

  • Plan & co-ordinate Safe Off-Loading Material Points and arrange safe access routes on site

  • Plan, co-ordinate & monitor Safe Materials Storage Areas with the Site Management Team

  • Review Plant Quality & Check Plant Certification Compliance

  • Plan, co-ordinate & monitor provision of Safe Areas for site Fuel Tanks & refueling operations

  • Work with the Site Management Team to Plan & co-ordinate hazardous substance storage to designated areas

  • Plan and work with the Site Management Team for the provision of key assets e.g. Scaffolding to adhere to programme commitments

  • Plan & co-ordinate Site Lighting requirements including Temporary Electrical Transformer / Generator provisions throughout the site

  • Liaise with Contractors and suppliers to Assess Lead Times to develop the project and adhere to the works programme

  • Plan Materials and Specialist Equipment deliveries and co-ordinate delivery programmes to site

  • Develop and Review Lifting Plans / Method Statements / Risk Assessments etc with the Site Management Team to ensure they are in place ahead of required Lifting Operations

  • Plan Waste Container Storage Areas and work to minimize Waste disposal

  • Work with Site Management to Maintain Fire Points and Other necessary equipment throughout the site

  • Work to Improve the Project Construction Efficiency and thereby the overall Project Productivity

  • Liaise with Collen Senior management Team to control and track Vehicles for Personnel

  • Liaise with Senior management to control and track Accommodation Rental etc for Personnel

  • Represent the company’s interest in relation to the overall coordination of the site logistics

  • Represent the interests of Collen and that of our Client as directed by Senior Management

  • Create & Improve policies or procedures for logistics activities as required as part of Quality Protocols

  • Carry out Method Statement / Risk assessments / Lifting Plans and then Brief Contractors as necessary for Safe control of works

  • Adhere to relevant quality standards and maintain appropriate records – Plant Requisition Sheet Completion

  • Material Requisition Sheet completion / Daily Allocation Sheet Completion

  • Use IT systems to keep track of progress

  • Monitor and Supervise sub-contractors to ensure logistic specific guidelines are maintained

  • Chair/attend relevant site/management meetings as part of Project Development Attendance & attend Daily White board meetings

  • Track the logistics operations in accordance with the programme & budget

  • Liaise with project manager re look ahead schedules and programmes

  • Responsible for the pull plan sessions and run the planner systems

  • Responsible for the Data scope system for site logistics

  • Manage site deliveries form delivery forecasting to site deliveries.

  • Responsible for the set-up and maintenance of the permanent compound and all of its ancillaries.

  • Interface with the client’s security team, where necessary and in co-ordination with Collen management Team

    Strong time management and communication skills are essential to this role as well as computer literacy and the ability to prepare reports and administer necessary paperwork.

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