Senior Quantity Surveyor


Key Requirements:

  • A degree in Quantity Surveying or Construction Cost Management

  • A proven track record in delivering complex projects on time and within budget

    As a member of the project management team, you have the opportunity to influence safety culture onsite by demonstrating personal commitment, setting clear expectations, and effectively communicating safety policies. By consistently modelling safe behaviour, prioritising safety above productivity, and ensuring that all workers receive proper training and resources, you can foster an environment where safety is ingrained in every aspect of the construction process. Encouraging open communication, recognising and rewarding safe behaviour, and conducting regular inspections further reinforce the importance of safety. By taking these steps, you can help create a culture where safety is a shared value and a top priority for all stakeholders involved in the project.

    Reporting to the Commercial Director, your key responsibilities may vary depending on the nature and stage of the project being worked on, but can include:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Preparing tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities with the architect and/or the client

  • Undertaking cost analysis for repair and maintenance project work

  • Assisting in establishing a client's requirements and undertaking feasibility studies

  • Performing risk, value management and cost control

  • Advising on procurement strategy

  • Identifying, analysing and developing responses to commercial risks

  • Preparing and analysing costings for tenders

  • Allocating work to subcontractors

  • Providing advice on contractual claims

  • Analysing outcomes and writing detailed progress reports

  • Valuing completed work and arranging payments

  • Maintaining awareness of the different building contracts in current use

  • Understanding the implications of health and safety regulations.

Strong time management and communication skills are essential to this role, as well as computer literacy and the ability to prepare reports and administer the necessary paperwork.

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