Senior Site Engineer


Key Requirements:

  • 3 rd level qualification in an engineering related discipline

  • 5 years + experience with a main contractor

As a member of the project management team, you have the opportunity to influence safety culture onsite by demonstrating personal commitment, setting clear expectations, and effectively communicating safety policies. By consistently modelling safe behaviour, prioritising safety above productivity, and ensuring that all workers receive proper training and resources, you can foster an environment where safety is ingrained in every aspect of the construction process.

Encouraging open communication, recognising and rewarding safe behaviour, and conducting regular inspections further reinforce the importance of safety. By taking these steps, you can help create a culture where safety is a shared value and a top priority for all stakeholders involved in the project.

Reporting to the Project Manager, your key responsibilities will include:

  • Working with the health & safety department to ensure safe construction always and that all works are carried out to the highest Health and Safety Standards

  • Providing technical advice in relation to the projects

  • Ensuring that all materials used, and work performed are as per specifications and that the works are carried out to the highest of quality standards

  • Review detailed design, critique and communicate with designers to ensure adequate design is available for construction

  • Reading and interpreting drawings for layouts, materials measure etc.

  • Assigning and overseeing the tasks of Junior Engineers

  • Overseeing the selection and requisition of materials and plant

  • Managing, monitoring and interpreting the contract design documents

  • Working closely with the Project team to ensure sound and timely planning & sequencing of the site activities

  • Liaising with the client, design team members and local authority as necessary

  • Making proposals for resolving unexpected technical difficulties

  • Representing the interests of the client and the company

  • Organising the various professional people working on a project

  • Carrying out risk assessments

  • Maintaining site records and records of discussions/meetings with designers and subcontractors

  • Attending site meetings

  • Making sure the project is running in accordance with the program and on budget

  • Ensuring an efficient construction site

  • Delivering projects with the highest quality

Strong time management and communication skills are essential to this role, as well as computer literacy and the ability to prepare reports and administer the necessary paperwork.

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